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Owner’s Representation and Project Management

ARMA Development Consultants provides advisement, expertise, and protection solely for the Owner’s and the projects interest.  Our expertise is built upon many years’ experience on projects for all types and sizes in the construction and development industry.  By providing these services we secure a constant reliable source of unbiased project expertise and allow our clients to focus resources on their primary business.

We can provide stand alone services or manage the entire project.  We manage and organize the team, the process, and all aspects of the work.  We document and track all project progress to provide clients the insight and knowledge need to make informed decisions. Arma adjusts to fit the structure of each client to provide greatest efficiency and impact for each project.

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  • Initial Budget and Schedule Development

  • Select intended Project Delivery Method

  • Develop Basic Building Requirements and Parameter

  • Perform site Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies

  • Identify Roles and Responsibilities for Design Team Members and Build the Team

  • Environmental Site Testing

  • Drawing Development

    • Schematic Design Phase

    • Design Development Phase

    • Construction Document Phase

  • Budget Development

  • Schedule Development

  • Consider Specific Contract methods for Delivery

  • Coordinate Project Documents

  • Develop Specifications

  • Secure Consultants

  • DOB Filing

  • Issue Bids and select a Contractor

  • Manage Construction Process

  • Monitor Team Communication

  • Manage Project Budgets and Schedules as work progresses

  • Manage Change Orders

  • Monitor all team members to ensure contracts are being met

  • Punchlist Process

  • Testing of all key project systems

  • Gather all Warranty information and As-built documentation

  • Closeout of all open Permits

  • Gathering of Attic Stocks

  • Final Payments

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