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Real Estate Development and Construction is a complex industry.  It is an extremely high-risk venture with the potential to yield great dividends when managed properly. While Owner/Developers hire many professionals throughout the process all have their own risk and must protect that risk.  The ARMA team is uniquely positioned to expertly represent and protect your interests and vision while adding value to your next project.  We minimize your exposure to risk, maintain efficiency on-site, and maximize your return on investment.

All parties involved in the development of a construction project share varying degrees of liability, but none more so than the Owner. While architects, engineers, and contractors have task-specific responsibilities, the Owner is solely accountable for the full scope of the project throughout its entirety.  This is a daunting burden to bear.  ARMA will assist you, the Owner, in successfully navigating this complicated process by ensuring your design and construction professionals stay on schedule and within budget through our wholistic approach to project monitoring.

We provide comprehensive oversight of all development and construction phases, but above all else, we pride ourselves in leveraging our most important asset – the facilitation of effective communication, coordination, collaboration, and transparency.  These are the pillars of a successful project and we work diligently to ensure they are maintained on all projects we are involved with, from concept to closeout.

ARMA Development Consultants specializes in Owner Representation and Program Management. We take a customized multi-faceted approach to each project.  While the hired professionals are focusing on details of the build, our focus is on ensuring all parties are following their defined roles and communicating.  Unfortunately, most of the design and construction industry is reactive.  This stems from the intricacy needed to construct and renovate these buildings and the attention to detail needed to do it well.   With that type of hyper-focus needed we are there to work with the team to keep focus ahead and push for a proactive approach during all phases of the project.

What We Do

ARMA Development Consultants provides advisement, expertise, and protection solely for the Owner’s and the projects interest.

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Why You Need An Owners Rep

We can provide stand alone services or manage the entire project. Arma adjusts to fit the structure of each client to provide greatest efficiency and impact for each project.

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